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Encaustic Art Rubber Stamps & Silhouette Stamps
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The small range of 33 encaustic art rubber stamp designs have been produced to enable a quick & simple way to make cards with a visual message that can even bring focus to an abstract background.

Stamps can be used with INK when the stamped image is made first, before any wax application, using a dye ink (not pigment inks).


Stamps (either rubber or polymer) can also be used directly in the molten wax colour to good effect.

Stamping in wax for cards is particularly effective with the trees.

But for all sorts of markings the stamps can be used with the hotplate too.

The encaustic art range of stamps have been produced in some past times using both plastic 'wood' & natural wood blocks.

Currently natural wood blocks are used.

Stamp with a DYE INK to incorporate rubber stamp designs into encaustic backgrounds. Click on images
Use dye ink to stamp the silhouette image onto encaustic card.
Allow ink to dry or fold a tissue, place it over the image & iron dry.
Use clear wax in the colour mix to dilute the colour & iron over.
Add darker wax around the image to develop the picture "environment".
Polish the final card & mount as a greetings card or perhaps a small framed image.
The complete range of encaustic art rubber stamp motifs                    Find this particular product in the online shop

PX  Pixie

SC  Small Castle

SF Small Fairy

SF  Sitting Fairy

AF  Angel Fish

DF  Dragon Fly

SU  Small Unicorn  

BU  Bush Tree

OW  Owl

PA  Palm Trees

PG  Penguins  

SH  Sea Horses

DO  Dolphin

YU  Young Unicorn  

DRL Dragon Flying Left  

WM  Wise Men

TR  Tree

TW  Tree Windswept  

PE  Pegasus  

DRR  Dragon Flying Right  

WW  Wizard Wand  

LC  Large Castle

LF  Large Fairy  

FR  Fir Tree  

KW  Killer Whales (Orca)

NA  Nativity Scene

SL  Santa's Sleigh  

TP  Poplar Tree  

TO  Oak Tree  

TA  Ash Tree  

CA  Cat

HR  Horse  

FF  Flying Fairy  
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