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encaustic iron
- the ideal iron for encaustic art work

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encaustic art set - all the materials you need to get started in one box

This set contains a lot of product, in fact enough to create over 160 postcard sized images in encaustic art. The 16 colours will last that long & are fully intermixable.

Note: you also need to have an iron! ( see above)

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start-up specials - complete kits to get you started at lower prices than if you buy the items individually.

Get Started - contains the iron & artset shown above
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Get Started PLUS - contains the iron & artset PLUS a DVD *Learn the Skills is recommended as the best value & most comprehensive material for a skill base.
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Encaustic Art Quick Guide - 32 page overview of the encaustic art product range

A simple full colour guide to encaustic art that contains a number of step by step introductions, including work area layout, abstract, landscape, fantasy, stamping & so on.

Also looks at Hot Air tool qualities & the Hotplate, as well as some of the hand tools that are useful in this domain of encaustic work.

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Encaustic Art - How to Paint with Wax

An ideal first book for beginning encaustic art as a hobby or leisure art. It has 64 pages in colour & introduces basic uses of the iron & stylus tools in a card making environment.


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Encaustic Art - The Project Book

Moving on, from basic abstracts in encaustic using the iron, this 96 page book opens up many possibilities in use of different surfaces & alternative approaches.


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Wonderful Ways With Wax

Written by Jann Visser from South Africa, this book is full of over 50 Hobby Craft projects. Well explained and illustrated, there are all sorts of approaches and the basics of painting landscapes and so on are also covered. Take a look at the content page and a few pages of project examples. This is a 128 page full colour book written with the Hobby Artist in mind - Published by Search Press.


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Low heat encaustic Stylus tool & 5 interchangeable head shapes

The ideal too for graphical input & control of encaustic wax colours - lines, spots, shading, detail, drawing, in fact all the refined marks of a careful graphical approach. Create backgrounds then use the stylus to develop & complete them.

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Encaustic Art - White Painting Card : sizes A6 up t A1

The white encaustic art painting card is 300gm double sided non-absorbent material.
From A6 postcards up to A1 artwork, this card is a good base support for hobby art.
* Also great for some rubber stamping techniques

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#99537100 (A6x100)                
Codes for all sizes of white card

Encaustic Art - Coloured card : sizes A5 to A3 in 6 colours

The 6 colours in the encaustic kraft art range offer opportunities for very different results to the white cards. These coloured sheets are also very useful for mounting & presentation of any encaustic art or for other art & craft uses.

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#99538905 - A5 mixed 24 pack

Encaustic Art Wax Blocks - 48 colours available in sets or singles

Colour in wax block shapes that is made for molten encaustic use. The waxes are resin free, making them safer & more user friendly for all the techniques on this site. Tested to highest standards by toxicologists, manufactured with quality & safe successful use at their heart.

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Encaustic Art Wax Blocks - sets

Three packs each containing 16 of the 48 colour range:
STARTER #99535100 colours that provide a good palette for beginning encaustic art.
EXPANDING #99535400 selection that has subtler shades & "in between" colours.
VIVID #99535500 colours that contain pastels, neons (bright) & strong thicker 'mixers'.

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Encaustic Art Rubber Stamps - 33 designs created for use with encaustic cards

These specialised silhouette stamps are designed to give clear 'messages' that offer focus in simple encaustic card images. The tree stamps are naturally 'non-see through' & add a natural element to the collection that contains a number of very popular fantasy images.

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Encaustic Art - Acrylic Wax Sealer 100ml jar (mainly for greetings cards)

The encaustic art wax sealer is ideal to add a tougher acrylic surface to greetings cards. It is also useful & valuable in encaustic collage work.

Apply with soft brush to polished wax surface. Dries in 30minutes-2 hours. Clean brushes in warm water.

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Encaustic Art - A5 Aperture (window) card blanks - for making greetings cards

Strong off-white 2 fold cards with a central cut out window - the ideal way to mount encaustic A6 cards for making greetings cards. Useful for mounting & presenting any artwork. Also usable as economy mounts for framing in standard 8"x6" photo frames.

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#100000 - A5 outer size to fit A6 artwork

DVD Encaustic Art - Quick Cards - 60 minutes

Create abstract postcard sized artwork using the iron & learn to use that tool with confidence.

* recommended for complete beginners

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DVD Encaustic Art - Learn the Skills - 90 minutes

Follow the 20 or so module images demonstrated in real time that progress from complete beginner status into one of capable skill with iron & stylus.

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DVD Encaustic Art - A Bigger Picture DVD - 45 minutes

Work through an A5 mountain landscape up to an A3 foxglove landscape with a hot air blown sky.

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DVD Encaustic Art - Exploring Ideas - 120 minutes

Four artists explore hotplate & hot air approaches, offering many ideas & a variety of styles.
Beannie Cronin, Anna-Maria Aigner, John Buckland & Michael Bossom.

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DVD Encaustic Art _ From Hobby to Art - 100 minutes

Elisabeth Van Uden created this guide to using hot air tools & several methods for using the hotplate, so that others might learn quickly from her experience.

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Encaustic Art A2+ Ultimate Hotplate

The A2+ Ultimate Hotplate is a professional quality glass topped hotplate with excellent thermostatic control. Only available in 220/240 volt version. It opens up a complete area of potentials & approaches. The above 2 DVDs both offer some insight into some of the way it can be used.

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Encaustic Art Brush Set - Natural hair set of 5 brushes

A set of 5 hogs hair brushes that tolerate heat & are ideal for encaustic wax when molten.
sizes included are mm / 4mm / 8mm / 12mm & 20mm .

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Encaustic Art Sponge Set - 4 heat resist sponges for molten wax work

A set of 4 sponges - 3 hard white  block for pushing about wax & 1 orange absorbent rectangle for carrying colour & ideal for dabbing techniques.

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Encaustic Art Scrapy Rubber tipped tools Set of 5 wax mover tools

A set of 5 rubber tipped wax mover tools that allow heated wax to to pushed & tooled whilst molten.   Edge to point, wedged, large oval cut, small oval cut, small wedge - wooden handles.

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Hot AIr Gun - electronic tool

There are certain ideal qualities for a hot air gun that is to be used with wax colour paints. Some approaches require fast air flow & low heat, whilst others need higher heat & low air flow. There are numerous Hot Air Paint Stripper tools already available that suit many uses. Also high powered hair dryers.
Our hot air gun has great heat control & 2 air flow speeds.

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