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Hot Air zone

Hotplate Area

There are many ways to progress, from the iron & stylus approaches of encaustic art, & move into new realms of possibility.The hotplate & use of electric hot air guns offer many wonderful opportunities. There are specialist tools for this & you are advised to ensure good ventilation when these tools are in operation. The results can be beyond your expectation & the trick is to flow along in each moment, alive in the creation, aware as it unflods, present as it forms whilst you work. Perfect control methods are possible, but to flow with the molten wax colours, that's something wonderful.
Iron made landscape - getting bigger ... Bigger is different with the iron. The same affects are now in a different environment of proportion & scale. Does the foliage effect representing trees, bushes or heathers? There's more to learn here. This is the foundation level for becoming free to work bigger.  


There are 3 DVD's that may be useful to your development of encaustic art techniques & directions. All these programs use the encaustic art wax block as their colour wax medium.

A Bigger picture aims to introduce the idea of painting a bit bigger - just one main style is used. A foxglove landscape is the result - hot air sky.

An overview of two more DVD programmes that might help you uNderstand some hotplate & hot air gun approaches.

EXPLORING IDEAS : 4 artists open up some directions.

From Hobby to ART by Elisabeth van Uden is a good course for beginning hot air work and also for her approach to the hotplate basics. Then, let the art within express.

hot air basics

There are things to know about hot air use.What qualities are required in a hot air gun?
How do you put the wax onto the card or support?

hot air swirl

Background images, blown with heated air, using electrically powered tools, can be quite amazing. You need to be careful; you are waving a very hot piece of metal about. Too much heat will create fumes so ventilation is vital. Lay clear wax all over. Dribble on central light colours - use some white. Then work outward with darker coours - a good coating that will flow around once molten. Then, using a firm backing board, blow with hot iar using the blow, tilt and panning to direct & guide the wax colours as they mingle and blend.

hotplate basics

A good hotplate offers a reasonable worksurface area that is flat and has an even controllable temperature. A glass top is ideal - special toughened glass! The page link will show the thigns to explore in the basics.

... more directions from the hotplate index page

hotplate doodles & beyond

John Buckland has worked deeply with encaustic, especially on the hotplate, a tool with which he causes wax to flow into wonderful creations. He is hotplate master on the DVD EXPLORING IDEAS.

hotplate landscape

Another piece at a demonstration by John Buckland.
Wax art is quite fast if you like to work that way. The colours melt almost instantly & mingle just like paint. Waxes do evaporate if heated to a certain point, so if you are working too hot or take too long, some of the colour can dry out a bit. Just work faster.

Visit the Artwork area of www.encaustic.com

If you have got to the level of the DVD images, or you just wish to go in other directions with encaustic, then a quick look through the artwork section will at least open the door to some of the many alternatives for encaustic approaches.

Also, why not explore the LINKS for encaustic artists to see the work of others, in this & other encaustic mediums.

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