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Encaustic Aperture Cards - strong simple A5 window cards
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Strong off-white card for making A5 external greetings cards using A6 artwork.
'A' sizes explained

Ideal for personal or craft business use - clubs etc.

The cards come with envelopes & clear self seal "shop style" bags are available too. So you can sell your cards & keep them in perfect condition!

Step by step for making the cards.

# 1000.00 5xA5 cards+env.
#1100.00 100xA5 cards & env.
#1100.01 100 C5 clear bags
#1200.0010xA6 cards+env.
#1201.00 100xA6 cards+env.
#1202.00 100 C6 clear bags

Basic assembly of the aperture card / window card into a finished greetings card
Create a clean clear area to lay the flat black aperture card onto for the making.
Ideally, use double sided sticky tape around the inner edge of the window / aperture.
Place the polished (or sealed) artwork face down so that it sits over the cut out hole.
Fold in the 'back' flap to cover & secure the artwork, hiding the back of the artwork & the tape.

Fold the other flap over to complete the finished card.
Ideal for any A6 artwork!

Aperture cards enable ANY A6 artwork to be presented in a more professional manner.

The even borders allow use in either the portrait of landscape formats.

The outer A5 finished size means that these cards can be used as framing mounts in readily available 8" x 6" photo frames - found in many of the 'value' shops.

The clear self seal bags (C5 for A5 cards or C6 for A6 cards) are quick & easy to use.

They keep finger marks & dirt off the cards whilst allowing crystal clear viewing of the contents.

The self seal strip simply peels off, to allow the extra flap of clear material to stick down neatly. Just what you need to get your creations into local outlets & make some money back from your work!

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