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Converting the iron for use as a small hotplate or palette ...

The encaustic art painting iron is versatile and by design can easily be converted to operate as a small hotplate or act as a convenient heated palette surface.

Take care that the iron is not hot when you take the handle off and reassemble it or you could give yourself a skin burn - for safety just..

With the iron switched off locate the release button at the back of the unit just inside the handle end.
Firmly pull back the button towards the rear end of the iron, taking care to have the base held securely in your other hand so that when the base and handle separate neither one falls from your grip.
Carefully apply pressure to the back of the handle where the button has now been opened. The handle should easily be removed by lifting the rear end first.
Now carefully remove the handle

Turn the iron base over so that the silver metal heating plate is upwards.

Place the handle flat onto your work surface.

Gently slide the iron onto the flat handle so that the silver metal heating plate sits on top of the handle's edge.

The black plastic of the iron should now lie in the space between the two parallel handle prongs.

Continue this movement until the iron clicks into position when it reaches the end of the available space in the handle.
The iron is now correctly in position

For improved safety place a small strip of paper masking tape or similar to join the iron's black plastic with the handles green plastic.

This will ensure that the 2 pieces do not separate during use!

Now the iron is ready to use as the hotplate. Initially set the temperature to nylon (if you didn't do this earlier) and then switch the unit on and use it.

Remember : the silver bit gets hot enough to burn your skin burn if used carelessly!

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