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Hot Air Gun for Encaustic Art
Use hot air to melt, move or freeze wax Find the Hot Air Gun in the encaustic shop

The Hot Air Gun is an electronic tool that can be used to heat, melt and move wax around on a surface, yet no direct physical contact of tool and wax occurs - the heated air can blow the wax around or allow tilting and panning of the substrate to flow or dribble the wax.

We supply a Professional Hot Air Gun plus 9mm reduction nozzle giving the option for more controlled spread & directional control of airflow - ideal for encaustic - variable temperature - 2 air speeds (plus cold flow setting).

This hot air gun has a temperature dial so you can determine the exact output temperature you wish to use - very easy to adjust, even whilst working. It also has three settings on the activation switch - cold air flow, low air flow and full force air flow. These make it easier to find a way of setting up the hot air gun to be suitable for working with wax in many types of encaustic process.

This is a powerful heat gun with variable temperature and electronic thermocouple control for flexible use and maximum reliability. Heated by the exclusive DuraTherm™ heating element, ensuring long life and even heat. Nice industrial quality cable too.

Power 230 Volt  -  2000 Watts
Temperature 120°F - 1100°F (49°C - 593°C)
Airflow 3.6 / 10.6 / 17.6 cfm
3 Stage Switch Cool air stage ambient temp @ 3.6 cfm
Variable temperature 10.6 cfm
Variable temperature 17.6 cfm

Hot Air work can be a wonderfully creative approach. There are no tool marks in the waxed artwork - ideal for skies and fantasy backgrounds as well as any fluid continuous coverage of surface. The small attachable nozzle turns the standard broad heating tube air flow shape into a much more focussed stream of fast air - perfect for blowing with greater control and getting into those small areas. This is a professional quality hot air gun, ideal for encaustic.

The hot air gun used in the DVD "Exploring Ideas in Encaustic Art" and in Elisabeth van Uden's DVD "From Hobby to Art"is now discontinued. However, we now offer another model which works perfectly and is also made by Steinel. So please just take the basic concepts of hot air gun work from teh DVD as an example of the qualities desired. A restricting nozzle helps with control in some applications of teh hot air melting wax for encaustic work. A stepped or cone type reduction nozzle is ideal for aiding control of the air flow during work.

Here is an old clip of a background being created using a very simple hot air gun with a conical reduction nozzle (what I had at the time). It will remind you of some basic and important points to remember whe using a hot air gun ...

An important trick to help avoid burning the wax, or getting "popped" bubbles in the card, or blowing "holes" in the wax, is to ensure that you keep the nozzle moving around all the time whilst working. Never just point it at one place. Always dance the air about in an area. And work with the temperature set as cool as is possible. If the wax smokes it is obviously way too hot!

Hot Air Tools for use in Encaustic Art - Techniques

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