HEAT CONTROL - The Encaustic Art Painting Iron is made to a high specification with a fine quality thermostat that will operate within a heat band of roughly 15 - 20 degrees Celsius. This means that the iron will click on when it reaches the low point as set by the temperature dial control. The element then heats the iron by between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius increase in temperature before switching itself off. In operation with the wax art techniques this means that there is little or no noticeable difference in temperature at any time when the iron is used. Poorer thermostats (usual on travel irons) will make the wax colours very liquid when at the hot part of the temperature cycle and may not even be hot enough to properly melt the wax colours at the low point in the heating cycle. Some travel irons are used by customers, but they do not offer the control or predictability that the specially made painting iron does. The design of our special iron allows it to be re-formed into a small hotplate which is useful for brush work (as a heated palette) and for various other mini hotplate techniques with rubber stamps and the like. The iron should be set to LOW which is similar in median temperature to Nylon on a regular domestic iron. The HIGH temperature setting on the painting iron is similar in median to WOOL on a regular domestic iron.

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